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The stories presented here are based on actual true accounts.

Heathman Hall " the second scariest hall"

Heathman Hall-
Many reports have aroused from heathman hall in the pass 5 years.
Many have claimed to have seen a young man in the hall ways wailing at the door room doors. Many says it the spirit of Steven Courehs who was bullied by his roommates, which let to his tragic death. Steven murdered his roommate and later hung himself in a thrid floor hall E. URI campus administration kept this tragedy incognito because it would affect their attendance rate drastically.
Others have also reported malfuctions in their electronics. Some say their television turns on and off. Thier lights flicker, thier laptops suddenly turnoff.
There was also the story about a young woman who got accidently pregnant  at a campus party. She found out she was pregnant and threw herself from a top bunk head first. She twisted her neck and died instanly. Her soul is seen at night in the middle of the dorm floor.
There are many story about abnormanlieties that emerge from the heathman hall. Do stare outside the windows at night. Trust me you will see something. Rememer that URI is built in battle field grounds, Indian Burial grounds, and places where battles against slaves and owner took place.


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